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Going For Broke

Of all the things engineers solve in their careers, the most challenging is material fatigue and breakage. No matter what product a customer markets or the level of sophistication and imagination echoing through their halls, the question is the same … “why did the...

Compression Spring Requirements — The Absolute Basics

Spring design is a diverse career due to the nearly limitless possibilities of helical spring requirements. One customer may want a spring made from .011″ music wire that requires force in ounces or grams, while another assembles a dump truck and needs a...

Shop Floor Specifications — The Filtered Details

I have worked at many spring plants and they all have had a culture and ways of doing things. Trends, managers, owners and factory software may vary, but one rock-solid practice was present at each factory–shop floor specifications. Many times called a “spec card” or...

Rate Testing — Removing the Mystery of Preload

Testing the Rate of compression springs is one of the more common activities for spring houses. Spring Rate is the force created when a spring is deflected an inch. It is, therefore, the basic determinant of all loads at any height. The load created with a given...


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