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All Things Springs: Rate Formula – for those with Calipers

Many times, I have received samples instead of a blueprint for quoting purposes. It is common to slip out to the QA department and have the spring tested for rate. However, there is another way to calculate the spring rate if you have a set of dial calipers handy....

Going For Broke

Of all the things engineers solve in their careers, the most challenging is material fatigue and breakage. No matter what product a customer markets or the level of sophistication and imagination echoing through their halls, the question is the same … “why did the...

Compression Spring Requirements — The Absolute Basics

Spring design is a diverse career due to the nearly limitless possibilities of helical spring requirements. One customer may want a spring made from .011″ music wire that requires force in ounces or grams, while another assembles a dump truck and needs a...

Shop Floor Specifications — The Filtered Details

I have worked at many spring plants and they all have had a culture and ways of doing things. Trends, managers, owners and factory software may vary, but one rock-solid practice was present at each factory–shop floor specifications. Many times called a “spec card” or...


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