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Compression Springs

Premier Compression Spring Manufacturer

MWS produces custom compression springs for your unique applications. Compression springs are most commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and consumer applications.

Most compression springs are manufactured as a straight cylindrical spring, made with a variety of sizes and types of wire.  Other compression springs are designed in the form of a cone, allowing longer travel due to the individual coils not being forced against each other. As a premier compression springs manufacturer, we craft compression springs in a variety of compression types, shapes, and specifications.

Some important factors to consider when ordering your custom compression springs from MWS:

  • End treatment.
  • Custom springs can have open, open and ground, closed or closed and ground ends.
  • Free length – How long is the spring when fully extended?
  • Helix direction -The direction of coils is right or left-handed, depending on how the machine making them is set up. Handedness is important in very few applications.
  • Load at Solid Height – The force in pounds required to collapse the spring completely.
  • Solid height – What is the length of the spring when completely compressed?
  • Spring Rate – How much force in pounds per inch of deflection does it take to compress the spring? See calculating procedure below.
  • Total number of coils in the spring.
  • Outside diameter of the spring.
  • Wire diameter – Diameters of .007″ to .750 available in round, square or rectangular.
  • Wire material – Custom springs are available in a variety of steel and non-ferrous alloys.

Torsion Springs

Expertly Engineered Torsional Springs

We offer torsion springs in a variety of wire diameters from .007″ to .625″. Additionally, square wire torsion springs are also available.

Torsion springs are used in a variety of applications. For instance, common torsion springs are found in clothes pins, clipboards, and garage doors. In addition, torsion springs are also used as hinges and counterbalances in a variety of applications.

Some important factors to consider when ordering your custom torsion springs from MWS:

  • Expected deflection in degrees.
  • Free position of the ends in degrees.
  • Frequency of rotation.
  • Inside diameter of spring – See mandrel information above.
  • Length of leg ends – Torsion spring end style is straight legs.
  • Mandrel size – Usually torsion springs are used over a mandrel, shaft or arbor. Suggested mandrel diameter should leave 10% clearance within the inside diameter of the torsion spring for deflections. For greater deflections, as a torsion spring manufacturer, we suggest a suitable reduction in mandrel size.
  • Maximum wound position in number of turns or degrees from free position.
  • Range of operating temperature.
  • Spring outside diameter – Maximum outside diameter is controlled by performance and space considerations.
  • Torque – Force of load as inch-pounds at stated deflection in degrees.
  • Winding direction – Helix direction is either right hand or left hand and since force is applied to torque and not deflection, right and left cannot be interchanged.
  • Wire diameter – MWS makes torsion springs from .007″ to .625″ round wire, square to .375″ and rectangular to specification.
  • Wire material – Torsion springs can be made from most metals and alloys.

Extension Springs

Precision Extension Spring Design

Extension springs manufactured by MWS come in wire diameters from .007″ to .750″. Rectangular wire springs and extension springs manufactured by us are engineered to exact customer specifications.

Some important factors to consider when ordering your custom extension springs from MWS:

  • End Style.
  • Extension Spring Diameter – O.D. maximum, I.D minimum.
  • Extension Spring Rate – What is the load in pounds per inch required to extend the spring.
  • Length of inside hooks.
  • Load fully extended – For a specific application, you will need to know the total load at the maximum extended length.
  • Total number of coils.
  • Winding direction – Right-hand or left-hand winding.
  • Handedness is important in very few applications.
  • Wire diameter – We can produce an extension spring in diameters from .007″ to .625″ round, up to .375″ square, rectangular to specifications.
  • Wire material – We can furnish springs in most metals and alloys.

Suspension Springs

High-Performance Suspension Springs

In the demanding world of motorsports, quality coil suspension springs play a critical role. We may not be the biggest suspension spring supplier, but we pride ourselves on being one of the best in the industry.

Using primarily chrome vanadium or chrome silicon, all processes, including design, coiling, grinding, stress relieve, shot peening, and powder coating are strictly controlled to produce a first class product.

Need help with your design?
Our engineers can suggest designs that could yield better results with a progressive rated spring. We look forward to discussing your individual requirements.

Clock and Flat Springs

Precision Custom Clock and Flat Springs

When it comes to flat springs and clock springs, the possibilities are endless. MWS is capable of custom manufacturing clock springs and flat springs in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, base widths, heights and screw sizes. Our refined manufacturing processes guarantee the precision that you need.

We have manufactured flat springs and clock springs from various grades of materials such as steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and more. We possess the knowledge and experience to manufacture any custom flat spring or custom clock spring to best suit your applications.


Industry leader since 1928 

Die Springs

Die Spring Production and Manufacturing

MWS manufactures die springs and custom die springs with the same standards of excellence we apply to all of our other products. As a high-performance spring manufacturer, you can expect the very best, most reliable die springs from MWS. However, if standard die springs aren’t enough, we are also capable of manufacturing custom die springs to accommodate your unique needs.

Our engineers are eager to help provide the most dependable die springs for your applications. No matter what size the order, from one to one million, our goal is your satisfaction. You can depend on MWS to deliver high quality die springs with speedy lead times.

Some important factors to consider when ordering your custom die springs from MWS:

  • Free Length – the length of the die spring before compression.
  • Hole Size – identifies the outside diameter of the die spring. Die springs manufactured by MWS are offered in various different hole sizes.
  • Intended Load – the operating force of the die spring, or force achieved by compressing the spring.
  • Intended Operating Travel – the compression of the spring created by the application of pressure.
  • Rod Diameter – the rod diameter is the diameter of the inside of the die spring. MWS manufactures die springs in various inside diameters.


Custom Augers by Experienced Engineers

Our in-house engineers are eager to work with you and provide the appropriate auger for your applications. Their knowledge and experience will ensure that every auger is manufactured to your exact standards and specifications.

We pay close attention to every aspect of the design and manufacturing process to ensure that our custom augers perfectly meet every client’s unique specifications.

  • Custom Augers manufactured by MWS can be made from material up to .180″ x .550″ rectangular, with rectangular cross-sections.
  • Large Augers may have an O.D. up to 3.750″ with a maximum length of 300 feet per auger.
  • Small Augers are manufactured by MWS with a maximum outer diameter (O.D.) of 1.750″ and a maximum length of 575 feet.

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