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Wire Forms and Rings


High-Performance Wire Rings, Clips, Clamps, Retainers and Forms

We have spent decades refining and perfecting our manufacturing processes and knowledge in order to better serve our customers. The end result of our efforts has consistently resulted in the best possible wire forms, custom wire forms, snap rings, and metal snap rings. No matter how large or small the project, the quality expected of a high-performance spring manufacturer is evident in all wire forms and metal snap rings produced by MWS.

MWS can supply virtually any form you require from .010” to .715” (4140 CDA sizes .750” to .875”) round, square or rectangular wire.

Our specialized background and equipment allow for an unlimited range of possibilities – from clips to clamps to the unusual in size, shape, and application. Our dedicated and experienced team of in-house engineers will help you to develop the perfect wire form for your specific application.


Custom Wire Forms that Meet our High Standards

Our snap rings are no different in quality than any other MWS product. The round, square, and rectangular snap rings are manufactured with the highest standards of quality and dependability. Rings of rectangular shape can be formed up to 9.000″ O.D. (outside spring diameter) and round or square rings can be coil up to 13.250″ O.D. Snap rings are also manufactured with a material thickness up to .156″ with a maximum thickness to width ratio of 2.5 to 1.0.

The various end configurations possible with metal snap rings include:

Angular cuts
Butterfly cuts

Parallel cuts
Straight cuts

Customer satisfaction is our objective.

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