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Spring Essentials – Extension Spring Hook Breakage

by | Jan 1, 2008 | Articles, Springs Magazine

Extension springs are a great solution to a number of engineering problems. The ability to stretch an elastic component and have it return to its original position is the basis of numerous applications in nearly every market.

The majority of extension springs have some style of hook on one or both ends. When breakage does occur, it typically originates from a hook, not the spring body. There are numerous methods of forming hooks and loops, and some methods may create problems if not carefully monitored.

Figure 1

Figure 1:The rising curve.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Hook properly oriented over center.

Figure 3

Figure 3: Hook not over center.

Figure 4

Figure 4: Radius too small, not over center.

Figure 5

Figure 5: Tool marks not allowed on rising curve.

Figure 6

Figure 6: Tool marks and kinks promote early hook failure.

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