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Spring Essentials – The Three Diameters and Index

by | Jul 1, 2005 | Articles, Springs Magazine

We have learned the basics of spring theory over the last few months. Some of those concepts are:

  1. A spring is a torsion bar.
  2. A torsion bar can be twisted or bent.
  3. The spring Rate is determined by the cross-section and length.
  4. A spring is a torsion bar wrapped into a helix, or spiral.
  5. To make a spring stronger, make the bar shorter (remove coils).
  6. To make a spring weaker, make the bar longer (add coils).
  7. As a spring approaches solid height, it will lose coil and the Rate will increase due to the lost material.
Figure 1

Figure 1: The coiling point holds the wire in place as it coils around the arbor.

Figure 2: Spring mean diameter.

Figure 2: Spring mean diameter.

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